Vinyl Pool Paint

ECO-CHOICE Premium Grade Ultra High Gloss Vinyl Pool Paint:

A Low VOC Eco-friendly vinyl pool paint coating for new or sandblasted masonry swimming pools. Also used for repainting any pool previously coated with vinyl based paint.

Product Features:

Premium grade, ultra high-gloss ECO-CHOICE Vinyl Pool Coating provides superior stain, algae and chemical resistance.

Easy application and excellent fusion bonding, this ECO-CHOICE vinyl pool coating can be applied using a roller, brush or airless spray.

ECO-CHOICE vinyl pool coatings provide a flexible waterproof membrane that protects the pool substrate from freeze-thaw damage in cold weather climates.

Single Component ECO-CHOICE vinyl pool coating is self-priming, with an average coverage of 300 square feet per gallon.

Unsurpassed resistance to sun tan lotions and sun screens, helps to prevent unsightly “bathtub ring” stains in your pool.

ECO CHOICE vinyl pool coatings form a durable, long-lasting vinyl liner inside your pool for many years to come.

• Ultimate stain and chemical resistance
• Compatible with vinyl painted pools
• Excellent durability and longevity
• Ultra high gloss finish
• Excels in saltwater pool systems
• Superior UV Resistance
• Excellent performance for water park facilities

General Directions For Use
Premium Grade Ultra High Gloss Vinyl for repainting any pool last painted with a vinyl-base pain. Single-component and self-priming. Also used to provide a high-gloss, stain-resistant, vinyl membrane liner on all concrete pools, pools previously painted with vinyl paints and water park facilities.

Available Colors: