Epoxy Pool Paint

ECO-CHOICE Premium Ultra High Gloss Two-Part Epoxy Pool Paint:

A Self-priming low VOC Eco-friendly epoxy pool paint. Extremely high-gloss, medium-film-build epoxy coating. Use on bare, *worn plaster-finish pools, on fiberglass pools or on unpainted or sandblasted plaster pools or gunite pools. Also for pools last painted with solvent-based epoxy pool paint or SAU-SEA Enamel Type E.

Product Features:

Extremely high-gloss—tile-like finish of ECO-CHOICE Epoxy Pool Coating provides maximum stain resistance while the superior resin blend offers excellent resistance to the ravages of chlorine and other pool chemical attack.

Easy to apply, this coating glides on with minimal or no “roller-drag”—a problem commonly associated with many “high-build” epoxy coatings. Unlike high-build epoxies, our medium-build epoxy is less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, allowing for fewer problems during application and cure.

Epoxy-Part-B-Can_clippedFormulated from expensive epoxy resins designed especially for marine use, ECO-CHOICE Epoxy Pool Coating is virtually unaffected by prolonged submersion, as well as other factors commonly associated with outdoor use, like freeze/thaw cycles, etc.

• Ultimate stain and chemical resistance
• Compatible with epoxy painted pools
• Excellent durability and longevity
• Superior UV Resistance
• Excellent performance for water park facilities
• Self priming advantage (no need to buy expensive primers)

General Directions For Use
Premium, Ultra High Gloss Epoxy for refinishing older bare, worn, plaster-finish pools, fiberglass pools and unpainted or sandblasted masonry or gunite pools. Also for repainting any pool last coated with any epoxy-base pool paint.

Available Colors:


ECO-CHOICE Hi-Build Coating Coming Soon!

*Owners should check the integrity of the plaster prior to painting their pool.