About Us

87542400SAU-SEA (say “Saucy”) Swimming Pool Coatings have a long history of proven excellence in tens of thousands of swimming pools. Our new ECO-CHOICE Pool Coatings are VOC Air Quality Compliant in all states except parts of California.

We manufacture ONLY Swimming Pool Paints and they are produced under strict quality control using only the very finest ingredients available in today’s world market. With many years of “hands on” experience in the development of the best quality formulations, as well as the proper surface preparation and application procedures involved, SAU-SEA Swimming Pool Paints are widely recognized as the standard for quality throughout the swimming pool industry today for refinishing plaster pools, gunite pools, concrete pools and fiberglass pools.

Enjoy the lower true cost of less frequent re-painting and outstanding coating service between recoats. SAU-SEA Swimming Pool Coatings offer superior protection to bare, unpainted pool surfaces, and on previously painted, pool surfaces. We also have an excellent success rate when our pool coatings are applied over other pool paints not of our manufacture.

SAU-SEA Swimming Pool Paints is a family-owned and operated company. Our family has been in the swimming pool paint field for over 60 years. We have manufactured swimming pool paint exclusively for over 35 years. The quality of our products is very important to us! We monitor product quality both in the factory and in the field. Our new line of ECO-CHOICE Premium Rubber, Epoxy and Vinyl Pool Paints are based on and 100% compatible with our earlier formulations.

On some websites, you can just order swimming pool paint, pay for it and take your chances. We do not sell our ECO-CHOICE Pool Coatings that way. We want to be sure that our pool coatings are compatible with your pool surface. We want you to know the proper surface preparation that needs to be performed in order for you to obtain the greatest degree of success. That’s why we welcome your questions and encourage you to contact us, tell us about your pool, and let us e-mail you directions on how to prepare the surface of your pool and apply our coatings.